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Shanghai Unionlab Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 and it is headquartered in Shanghai. Unionlab focuses on the field of oncology. We have gathered the professional expertise of core PI and rely on digital tools and smart systems to provide the customer with smart clinical research services such as clinical strategy consultation, protocol design, clinical monitoring, clinical systems, data management, participant recruitment,bioanalysis, third-party imaging review,and FSP. Unionlab's core team has over 15 years of industry experience, and members have specialized backgrounds and on-the-scene experience in new oncological drug research.

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    Core PI in China

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    Research Centers

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    Cities distributed
    across regions

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    US Hospitals in Phase I Cooperation

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Innovative Methods
Innovative Tools

Innovative Methods

  • Using Bayesian adaptive methods, we create innovative method designs for a quicker trial process

  • We use big data and AI technology for reduced costs and increased efficiency

  • With a central lab as a research center, we provide rapid PK/PD feedback with zero waiting time

  • Multiple integrated functions such as eDISC electronic source records, central automation, and electronic data capture (EDC)

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Clinical research planning systems using big data

Support for new drug development project proposals and clinical development decision-making 

Efficient clinical protocol design platform

Clinical design protocol, statistical design, and data management platforms

Smart imaging review systems for online, real-time assessment

Providing data support for the dynamic adjustment of clinical protocols

Smart clinical research management systems

Increasing working efficiency in centers

Efficient EDC systems

Independent data cleaning and migration for a quicker trial process